Helping Companies Find Funds from Investors

We assist with all phases of the process of getting investments in your company – from helping to write your business plan and marketing materials and creating a promotional video and website to making connections with venture capitalists and angel investors.

More specifically, here’s how we can help you.

  • Developing and writing your business plan
  • Doing market research to help with your message and marketing strategy
  • Creating promotional and marketing materials, including press releases and catalog copy
  • Writing your website copy, including blogs and articles
  • Pitching your story to the media – from hands-on PR to blasts to targeted media
  • Creating a promotional video – from writing the script to providing the production team
  • Developing a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds
  • Connecting you with VCs and angel investors with a targeted email query to our database of 20,000+ contacts

Our e-mail query service has helped dozens of entrepreneurs and companies contact venture capitalists and private investors within hours. We help you write a good query letter and send it to VCs, angel investors, and others all over the U.S. and internationally based on the following about your company:

  • Stage of funding from seed and start-up capital to later stage financing
  • Amount of funding needed
  • Type of industry
  • Your location

Using this information, we send out a targeted query to our database of over 20,000 VCs and private investors.  Typically, your query will go to about 3000-5000 potential investors.

Our service has been used by everyone from start-ups seeking seed and angel capital to growing companies seeking to expand.  The U.S. Commerce Department used our service four times to assist senior executives in two Hong Kong trade delegations find partners and investors in the U.S.  Our growing list of testimonials from clients attests to our success.

Here’s how the process works.

If you need help writing your business plan, one of our experienced writers can do it for you.  Our team can help you with the financials, too.  Or use our Business Plan Outline as a guide to write your plan; then we can polish it up and add in the financials and graphs.

Check out our services for details.  See our fundraising tips section for articles on how to up your ability to raise money.

And here’s an internationally syndicated article about us by a reporter who used our service.