Here’s what clients and people in the industry say about us.

Up-money-smallFrom U.S. Government Agencies

“We were delighted at our success of using your service to set up meetings for a delegation of senior executives in the animation entertainment industry from Hong Kong seeking introductions to U.S. companies involved in films and toys and games, as well as financing.  The response exceeded our expectations.  We directed people to respond to our Website and had over 100 responses.  We set up over 200 one-on-one meetings, and even had a waiting list for our reception and breakfast.  Both the Hong Kong delegates and U.S. companies were very happy with the high quality of the participants on both sides.  I also appreciate your help in writing the letters for our mailing.  You were able to highlight
what was important to both sides, and it made it so much easier for me to have your knowledgeable, expert assistance.   Thank you again for all your help.”

Maura Kim
Senior International Trade Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service
U.S. Department of Commerce
Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks so much for your help in drafting a letter and sending it out on behalf of a delegation of senior executives from the Hong Kong film industry coming to Southern California.  In our effort to outreach to the film industry to seek appropriate U.S. firms to meet with the delegates for production and distribution opportunities as well as obtain financing from venture capitalists and private investors for their companies, a partnership with your firm and your resources was invaluable!  We received over 100 enthusiastic responses from our query, and had the challenging pleasure of sorting through the many interested parties to prioritize and set up meetings for the executives.  Thank you again for a professional job well done.”

Kristin Houston
International Trade Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service
Newport Beach, CA

From a Client with a High-Tech Consulting Business

“Your help in rewriting my business plan was invaluable.  Even though I had my plan and financials done for me by a service that prepares business plans, it was badly written, and you did an amazing job of polishing it up.  The transformation was like night and day, and now my plan makes a much stronger case for what my company has done, it’s potential for growth, and the return for the investor.   With much gratitude and thanks.”

Dorothea Whitman
High-Tech Associates
Cincinnati, Ohio

From a Client with a Travel Program

“I really appreciate the service.  I have V.C.’s who want to see more about the World Sky Race.  To gather this data myself would be nearly impossible.”

Veronica Verve
Santa Monica, California

From a Client with a School

“It was with the utmost of appreciation that I have been fortunate enough to do business with the Venture Capital Connection and Publishers Agents.  I have a very unique academy, with no expertise in marketing the sale for my academy, and the VC Connection proved to be a true agent for my academy.  I have had positive results immediately, which was the encouraging force that I definitely was in need of.  Thank you, Gini, especially for your genuine efforts in the sensitive handling of my true interests in selling my academy.”

Professor Lorraine J. Telepro, RRP
International Academy of Advanced Reflexology
Green Lane, Pennsylvania

From a Client Testing Out a New Software Product

“It was great to be able to test out investor interest in our business based on some unique customer service software.  We wanted to see whether investors would be interested in us as a stand-alone company or whether it was better to develop our products under the banner of another company.   This was the perfect way to get feedback and decide what to do.”

Steven Patterson
Dallas, Texas

From a Client with a Business Building Boats

“We were looking for capital to expand our business into other countries in Europe, and the query you sent out for us make some good connections with potential investors.  We also appreciate your help in writing a good query letter for us.  Thanks again.”

Charles Hickok
Mariner Boating
London, England

From a Client with a New Messaging Technology

“I was pleasantly surprised by the results when you sent out queries to both venture capitalists and investment advisors.  I have had about a dozen serious responses of interest in our company based on a new messaging technology, and we are engaged in further due diligence and discussions with several of them.”

George Warren
Los Angeles, California

From a Client with a Networking Service

“I was pleasantly surprised to open my e-mail this morning to discover a dozen requests for more information about my company, which connects businesses to businesses in different industries.  I have been looking for others to join my management team to take the business to the next level, and some of the VCs and investors I spoke to said they would be able to help with their connections in the financial community.  In the meantime, I sent out about a dozen business plans.  Thanks so much for your assistance.”

Betty Foster
Los Angeles, California

From a Client with a Service Business

“Thank you so much for all your help.  I got over 200 responses for my query for funding for my company providing services for the disabled community, and I got 19 requests so far to see my business plan within one day.  Now I’ve sent off my plans and am waiting to hear.  I could have never contacted all of these VCs on my own and gotten such a good response.  Many thanks for your help in writing a strong query letter, too.”

Konstantinos Makris
VP, Europe
Able Ventures
San Francisco, California

From a Client with a Publishing Company

“The mailing allowed me to reach a good and varied audience of potential venture capital backers, and the feedback from over 50 replies was useful and productive.  One client said he was very interested and I am pursuing that avenue right now.”

Dan Bloom
Public Relations Specialist
DIY-Bilingual Publishing Company
Taipai, Taiwan

From a Client with a High-Tech Company

“Thank you so much for your help.  We were delighted by the query letter you wrote for us from our executive summary, and within a few days, we had over 100 responses.  Now we are talking with 15 serious investors who are reviewing our business plan.  Thanks again for everything and we’ll keep you posted on the results.”

Jim Marshall
Environmental Systems
Newark, New Jersey

From a Client with a Manufacturing Company

“Many thanks for sending out a query for me to several hundred venture capitalists interested in my type of business.  I was amazed at the quick response, and many investors were interested in seeing my business plan.   I sent off about a dozen proposals the first day and several more the next day.  You did a good job helping me write a good letter, too, and I’m sure that helped.   Thanks again.”

Frank Warren
Cincinnati, Ohio

From a Client with a Newly Patented Product

“You provided the help I need in preparing my business plan and financials.  Your insights helped me to determine my realistic costs for producing and marketing my product as well as targeting the primary customers.  I really didn’t understand how to do this properly before.  Now I am ready to contact venture capitalists and private investors to raise the funds I need to launch my new construction device which will make construction so much faster for builders and home owners doing their own work.”

David Kelly
Jacksonville, Florida

From a Client with a Restaurant

“Fantastic is all I can say.   It would have taken me dozens of hours to get together the names of the potential investors you contacted for me in less than an hour.   And now it’s up to me in showing how my franchise would be a good and profitable idea.    Many thanks for all your help.”

Terry Bell
Chicago, Illinois

From a Marketing Pro

“This web site will be a great aid to both entrepreneurs seeking financial outlets for their new venture projects as well as for VCs and investors interested in finding the ‘Next Great Thing'”

Jack Hopkins
Founder, HopkinsGlobal,
a marketing consulting company
Moraga, California


From Financial Executives

“I think this is an excellent vehicle for helping anyone with a business raise equity capital.  It offers a quick way to make contact with executives handling all stages of funding, and it can be very difficult to obtain this contact information.  But this service provides that.  If I was looking for financing for my own company, I would use this approach myself.”

Denise Murphy
Senior Loan Officer
CTX Mortgage Company
San Ramon, California

“If Gini Graham Scott is involved, you know this service is going to be innovative and successful.  This Web site provides the insight you need to make the decisions necessary to make your business a success!”

Dale Marie Golden
Private Banker, Vice President
Wells Fargo Bank
Montclair Village, California

From a Business Consultant and Speaker

“What you know is important.  Who you know is also important.  Opening up your world of contacts can make a world of difference.”

Joan Detz
Author: How to Write & Give a Speech
St. Martin’s Press, 3rd Edition, 2002