Writing a Business Plan




If you need help with your business plan, we can write it for you or do an editorial polish.  We also have affiliates who can prepare your financials or advise you how to do this.

Here’s how it works:

  • One of our experienced business plan writers will write it for you.  We will provide guidelines on what to include in your plan, and you supply our writer with the information on your company that goes in each section.
  • If your business plan is already written, we can do a final editorial polish.
  • Whether or not we write your plan, we can attractively format and package it for you using Business Plan Pro Premier Software.
  • If you need help preparing your financials, including a cash flow analysis, break even point, pro forma statement, 3-5 year projections, and other financial data, one of our financial specialists will work up the numbers and charts for you and write this section.
  • You can use our business plan outline as a guide for what to cover in your plan; then one of our writers will polish it and can add financials and charts.
  • If you aren’t sure what you need, one of our writers can provide a phone or online consultation and prepare a written assessment of what you need.